Around the holidays, quick-serve restaurants can see an increase in claims. The reason for increased claims vary, but seasonal celebrations, weather and economic issues all play a part. Fast food restaurant holiday claims can cause stress and worry at a time that is already hectic and stressful.

For quick-serve restaurants, we often see an increase in commercial auto claims and property insurance claims.

By understanding the risks of these common fast food restaurant holiday claims, you can be ready to take the appropriate steps to minimize your risk and enjoy a great holiday season.

Common Fast Food Restaurant Holiday Claims: Commercial Auto

The holidays are a busy time of year for many restaurants. Often this means that your workers spend more time behind the wheel for the business, whether for extra supply runs or increased deliveries.

Yet with travel this time of year being more dangerous, it’s important your quick-serve restaurant be extra cautious using vehicles for business purposes or deliveries.

As the traffic gets heavier, the days get shorter and the air gets colder with rain, snow, sleet, ice and fog, new seasonal hazards arise.

Under these conditions, the likelihood of an accident increases, meaning a simple delivery or quick supply run could end in tragedy for your restaurant.

If your driver or the vehicle they are traveling in is involved in an accident causing bodily injury, death or property damage, a commercial auto claim may occur.

A claim may occur whether or not your driver is at fault and whether the vehicle is owned, leased or the property of a third party.

To reduce the risk of a claim:

  • Ensure your vehicles are ready for winter weather.
  • Educate drivers on winter driving safety.
  • Leave extra time for travel during bad weather.
  • Check the forecast before drivers head out.
  • Encourage drivers stay alert and drive defensively.

Common Fast Food Restaurant Holiday Claims: Property Insurance

Money can get tight for some people around the holidays. With cash, food, alcohol and other valuables onsite, quick-serve restaurants can become a target for thieves this time of year. If your restaurant is vulnerable to theft, this is a good time to take special precaution.

There is usually an uptick in restaurant employee theft during the holidays. Employees may be desperate for extra money, offering discounts and incentives for a bigger tip and under-ringing orders to skim the register.

Missing funds may show up as cash variances. In some cases, safes and back offices are targeted by thieves.

Outside your workforce, property theft may also increase.

Some restaurants experience break-ins, where food, alcohol, cash, electronics or even building materials can be stolen. Restaurants may experience more break-ins due to closures from Covid-19.

Robberies during business hours are also a possibility.

Holiday theft by your employees or others can significantly impact your business operations, resulting in thousands of dollars of losses and leading to property insurance claims.

To minimize the likelihood of a claim, it’s important to take the right steps:

  • Investigate all cash variances.
  • Educate employees about theft prevention.
  • Keep safes and offices closed and locked.
  • Make additional bank deposits if needed.
  • Invest in a security alarm and cameras.
  • Check in on the restaurant daily when closed.


Remember that these common fast food restaurant holiday claims are more likely in the coming months, but franchise owners like you can reduce the likelihood of a claim by understanding the risks your business faces every day and insuring your franchise accordingly.